There is no bond that compares to that of a mother and daughter but it needs to be continually nurtured.  It’s always a good idea to plan mother daughter crafting dates just for the two of you.  Here are a few art and craft ideas that will make a million positive memories:

  1. FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS – You can choose to use beads or embroidery thread to create matching jewelry.  It’s always fun to make bracelets for each other, using multiple colors and patterns.  You can also buy specialty charms or letters to use on one another’s bracelet.  There are tons of YouTube videos and patterns that give detailed instructions.  Check out this video to start: HERE
  2. CERAMIC ART – There are tons of neat ceramics studios, such as Color Me Mine, that allow you to pick out a blank ceramic and paint it while you’re at the store.  You can choose anything from a plate, mug, bowl or garden gnome.  You may want to paint something together or each paint your own piece.
  3. T-SHIRTS – It’s easy enough to pick up blank t-shirts and some fabric paint.  You can get creative and make a set of mother daughter t-shirts.  Maybe you decide to wear them on vacation, next to a swimming pool or to your upcoming family reunion.  Don’t forget to take a couple pictures!
  4. PAINTING – Work on a painting together that you can frame or display in your living room.  You may want to draw or paint portraits of one another, paint your favourite memory or create a mixed media collage with an original poem. The sky is the limit!
  5. CAKE DECORATING – Baking is so much fun and it’s super easy to do.  Whether you decide to bake a batch of cookies or an entire cake, you can always decorate your tasty masterpiece.
  6. CUSTOM TOTE BAGS – Buy or sew a couple blank tote bags and spend an afternoon decorating them with fabric paint, ribbons, buttons or other embellishments.  Swap at the end of the day so you each have something special and unique to take grocery shopping or carry your books.  There’s so many ideas but HERE is a good place to start.
  7. DECOPATCH – Decorate a cut out of each other’s initial letter or whole name!  You can use different scrapbooking paper, newsprint, embellishments or anything else you can think of.  Once you’re done, you can always hang your masterpiece up or keep it somewhere special.
  8. SCRAPBOOKING – Pull out the family photo albums and make a scrapbook page of your favourite memories. You can add borders, stickers, ribbon etc.  Michael’s has tons of different tools and supplies for scrapbooking!
  9. BEAD DOLLS – Create these cute mother daughter dolls using wooden beads.  They make a cute shelf decoration or even a Christmas tree ornament.  All of the instructions and supply list can be found at smallforbig
  10. QUILTING – Now this suggestion won’t be for every mother daughter pair but a challenge is always good.  You could use your old t-shirts to make a patchwork quilt or maybe use some scraps from grandma’s closet.  A quilt is something special that lasts a lifetime and is the perfect addition to one’s hope chest.



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