The summer months are quickly approaching and I thought it would be a perfect time to make a few activity suggestions.  We all know that time passes a little more slowly when you’re at home or working that part time summer job without your friends close by.

Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Sidewalk Chalk – Always a good way to get outside and start drawing that next masterpiece for the neighbours.  You can also use the chalk to play a game of hopscotch or draw a bullseye for a bean bag toss.
  2. Glue Art – Use lids from old margarine or cottage cheese containers and fill them with white glue.  Add drops of food colouring on top of the glue and mix the color in with toothpicks.  After these little masterpieces dry, they can be hung up in the window or used as a door hanger.
  3. Throwing Tarp – Get outside and try out those football or baseball skills.  You can cut different shaped holes into the tarp and seal the edges with tape.  Using a Sharpie, write different point values next to each opening.  String up the tarp between two trees and you have just filled a whole afternoon with throwing practice!
  4. Slip n’ Slide – Go to your local hardware store to purchase a long, narrow piece of landscaping plastic.  Lay it out in the back yard, add a little water and start sliding.  I remember doing this as a kid all of the time.
  5. Campout – Drag out the tents and sleeping bags or build a blanket fort for an indoor or outdoor campout.   You can also roast marshmallows over the stove and make smores.  If you’re inside, you can also try to hook up the TV in your fort and have a movie night.
  6. Trampoline – One of my favourite things to do as a kid was jumping on a trampoline with the sprinkler running underneath.  Sometimes my brothers and I would add bubble bath onto the trampoline and it would turn into a giant foam pit.
  7. Bike Ride – Get outside and go on a biking adventure!  It’s always fun to pack a picnic in your backpack and have a few snacks ready for the park.  You may also want to bring along your fishing rods and catch some dinner.
  8. Mission Impossible – Get the yarn out of the craft cupboard and string it up on your stairwell or around your room.  Object of the game; make it from one point to another without touching the “laser beams”.
  9. Indoor Slide – Go to your local recycling depot or get some old cardboard from your garage to create a slide 0n the stairs in your house.  You can also slide down the stairs in the box; although this may cause accidents… You may also try sliding down the stairs on a mattress or in a laundry basket… Just please try not to get hurt and ask your mom for permission! I have a lot of first hand experience with this one.
  10. Water Balloon Fight –  Gather some kids in the neighbourhood for a good water fight.  Split into two teams and have yourselves a battle.  You may want to make team uniforms or set up obstacles in the back yard.

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