VEENA Featured In Chispa Magazine



We were recently featured in Chispa Magazine!  For the full article, visit Chispa Magazine – Summer 2016 and flip to page 35.

Fashion Meets Humanitarianism

Meet Jena Murray, an entrepreneur, designer, and humanitarian whose line of tween clothing has an amazing social enterprise at its heart.  Amidst the many eco-brands gaining fast popularity, the VEENA brand stands out as something truly special with more than just a fashion statement.  Murray is determined to make a positive impact on both the apparel industry and girls everywhere.

VEENA is a sustainable brand that is teaching girls to love and value themselves while staying stylish and having fun.  Named after Murray’s grandmother, VEENA is about helping young girls build confidence and self esteem.  Through their VEENA WARRIORS project they are able to reach out to girls globally and help them grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  The project focuses on supporting young women in becoming more self-aware through art therapy based sessions.  Girls have the opportunity to express themselves by creating jewelry, crafts, drawings, and paintings.

Murray believes it’s important for girls to build self-esteem through creative outlets in a supportive environment.  Each design she creates is named in honor of a child who has touched her life through the program, as she works one-on-one with the girls and is inspired by their spirit and resilience.  She incorporates bright colors and eye-catching patterns into designs that are just as unique as the girls who wear them.

VEENA doesn’t just focus on improving the lives of girls, they’re also committed to the good of the planet.  All of their bottoms, dresses, outerwear, tops, and accessories are certified fairtrade, carbon neutral, and organic, using eco-friendly dyes and fabrics that are sourced responsibly.  Murray is currently working with young girls in Canada, as well as India, and hopes to be able to connect with more girls around the world.

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